Karim in his Own Eyes, Karim in the Eyes of Others / كريم في عيون ذاته كريم في عيون الآخرين

  • Attractive content suitable for children.
  • Well-presented pictures bringing warmth and joy to your child.
  • The most complete self-searching guide for children.
  • An entertaining story that includes Karim’s own perspective of himself and the perspective others have of him.
  • A unique and distinguished book for a story from two different cognitive dimensions

Life is a journey of self-search, so how can one find the best of what’s in him in this journey? This is what this unique book answers. It has a story that can be read from two aspects: one is how our main character Karim sees himself, and the other is how others see him. Both aspects are complimentary, forming a harmony that pleases the reader, leaving a good feeling in his heart.


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I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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