Learn How to Read and Write Level 3 / تعليم القراءة والكتابة


Educational series of integrated elements, based on scientific foundations conforming to the specifications of modern textbooks: Modern curricula in education, and facilitators take into account the learner’s mental, intellectual and cultural tendencies. Use spoken pen technology to facilitate learning so that text is integrated directly into text, making it easier for our children to process Self-education. Attractive drawings and elegant output fit the nature of the material. Multiple exercises and exercises develop and enhance the learner’s language skills

The series can be used smoothly with or without the speaking pen. The series consists of 9 levels, 3 of them preparatory, and 6 for the school stage. Each level consists of two books (reading and exercises) in addition to an interactive disk that works on the computer and suits my age Child. CAUTION: The talking pen is not included with the set, if you want to buy it, you must buy it separately. Click on the image to download a sample of the book content

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