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Ramadan is almost here!!! At Yesmeen, we want to make the experience of shopping for Ramadan easy, accessible and affordable this year.

With “Build your own Ramadan Basket” you have the choice to pick the Arabic books and products that fit your childrens’ needs. Simply check mark the items from the list below. We have a wide selection of books to choose from and will hopefully make this a memorable Ramadan for the family.

There is no minimum requirement nor limit, however, if your basket value is more than $100, you will UNLOCK a couple of gifts that will automatically be added to your basket.

About Shipping*

  • * FREE shipping for orders over $100 {in Canada}

  • * FREE shipping for orders over $140 {in USA}

  • * FREE shipping for order over $200 {in Europe}

*All items are in Canadian currency.

Note: Only the items listed below qualify for the FREE shipping.

Ramadan Poster | لوحة رمضان

Temporarily unavailable

Ramadan Memory Game | لعبة الذاكرة لشهر رمضان

Ramadan Moon / قمر رمضان

Out of stock

رمضان والأطفال (مرفق معه صور لاصقة ) I Ramadan and Kids (Sticker activities)

عندما دق الباب I When the Doorbell Rang

Out of stock

سلسلة الفانوس السحري الكاملة I The Complete Magic Lantern Series

Out of stock

Ramadan Mubarak / رمضان مبارك

ما المانع؟ I Why Not?

Ramadan at our Home / رمضان في بيتنا

Hurray It's Ramadan

Beloved of God - Eid / أحباب الله عيد

The Eid Sheep / خروف العيد

Eid Shirt / قميص العيد

The Night of Eid / ليلة عيد الفطر

Eid Clothes / ملابس العيد

حيواناتي في العيد I My Animals on Eid

Out of stock

العيد I Eid

إلى مكة / To Makka

Out of stock

The Holy Places Puzzle / الأماكن المقدسة بازل

365 يوماً مع خاتم الأنبياء I 365 days with our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAAW soft cover

Out of stock

تأمل في نعم الله I How to Reflect on Allah's Blessings

الأمثال في القرآن I Proverbs in the Qur’an

Out of stock

365 يوماً مع خاتم الأنبياء I 365 Days with Sealed Prophet Muhammad PBUH

من هو الله ؟ I Who is Allah?

Out of stock

٣٦٥ يوماً مع كتابي العزيز - القرآن الكريم I 365 Days with Quran Al Kareem

Islamic Ethics and Etiquette Series / أنا أقتدي برسول الله

Islamic Books for Kids / كتب إسلامية للأطفال - أنا مسلم

Flash Cards I am Muslim / أنا مسلم البطاقات التعليمية المصورة

Quran Amma 24cm x17cm / جزء عمه قياس صغير

Quran _ Amma 34cm x 24cm / جزء عمه كبير

مصحف جوامعي رابعة حقيبة جلد / Quran 30 Juz

Quraan Tajweed and Tafseer size 20*14 / مصحف التجويد والتفسير الناطق

مصحف ٣٠ جزء حجم صغير / Quran 30 Juz

سلسلة قصص الأنبياء / Series The Prophets Stories

Out of stock

Teaching Wudu and Prayers - Series This is Me / تعليم الوضوء والصلاة

Out of stock

Athkar Day and Night - Series This is Me / أذكار الصباح والمساء

Out of stock

Islamic Ethics and Etiquette Series / أنا أقتدي برسول الله

Barbie Jenna

Series I'm a Muslim / سلسلة أنا مسلم

In stock

I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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