Subhan Allah / سبحان الله

يكتشف ‬الطفل دورة الحياة والفصول الأربعة،‮ ‬عندما‮ ‬يتأمّل ما‮ ‬يحدث حوله،‮ ‬في‮ ‬الطبيعة وفي‮ ‬عالم الحيوان والنبات والإنسان‮. ‬وأمام كل مشهد،‮ ‬ينطلق اللّسان وحده معبّراً‮: ‬سبحان اللّه‮.‬

The kid shows the four seasons when he looks around him and observes nature. The nature, The animal world, and plants.

When looking at the beauty of nature the first word you say is Subhan Allah


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I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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