The Elephant Learns How To Play / الفيل يتعلّم كيف يلعب

The elephant can’t do anything but eat. Do you think it’s true? Well, it is not true, in fact he really wants to play as well, but he doesn’t know how playing is like: Sits under an apple tree, or drinks water from the river, or the tiger losing a chance to hunt his prey… and that’s not playing. Does he know that playing is a way to earn others’ trust?

فيلُ لا يُجيدُ إلّا الأكْل».  فَهَلْ هَذا صَحيحٌ؟

كَلّا، إنَّهُ يَرْغَبُ أيْضًا في اللَّعِب، ولَكِنَّهُ يَجْهَلُ كَيْفَ يَكونُ اللَّعِب؛ يَنْطَحُ شَجَرَةَ التُّفّاح، أوْ يَشْرَبُ ماءَ النَّهْر، أوْ يُضَيِّعُ عَلى النَّمِرِ فُرْصَةَ اصْطِيادِ طَريدَةٍ… وهَذا لَيْسَ لَعِبًا.

فَهَلْ يُدْرِكُ حَقًّا أنَّ لِلَّعِبِ قَواعِدَ حَتّى يَنالَ ثِقَةَ الآخَرين؟


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I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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