The Prophet's Stories and Biography / مجموعة قصص الانبياء والسيرة النبوية

• Biography displays events and stories of the Prophets by voice and image “Animation”
• Offers a variety bunch of fun songs
• Child Learns the biography of the best prophets, Muhammad, peace be upon him and the – Biographies of the other prophets by useful and entertaining way.
• Offers lessons and colorful chapters to develop a child’s viewing pleasure.
• The possibility to choose among languages: Arabic, English and French.
• Develops reading skills and learn new vocabulary through the book enriched by the full formation.


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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 24 × 21 × 6 cm

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12-14, 9-12

I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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