TThe Puzzle of the Wooden Door / لغز باب خشبي


Author: Maria Daadouche

Illustrator: Lina Aboud

Adventure of Taim and Sammy

year: 2016

When Umm Kenan asks Tim and Sami to pick up the flower for a reward, Tim goes with him to Sami despite fear. From behind the old wooden door, they hear the sound of weeping. “It’s the children’s kidnapper,” Sami says. Otherwise, what is she doing with the bottle of milk she is carrying? Tim brainstorms his plan: infiltration, espionage, escape. He will prove to his mother and to the police that the mother of Kenan is hiding in this room,location of the children who have been kidnapped. Sami is asked to call his mother if he does not return within an hour …

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I grew up to the smell of the Yesmeen flower in my mother’s garden. Yesmeen, the Arabic name for the Jasmin flower, reminds me of my region, the Middle East, and evokes in me a sense of nostalgia. READ MORE ..

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